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[GET] Book-A-Day Kindle Short Reads Review - Download

These people would have killed it on Kindle, now you can too

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One of the best ways to succeed on Kindle is to write short books.


They are easy to write.

Readers love them.

You can get more books on the market faster.

This isn’t something that’s new. The old masters of the pulp era excelled at short stories. They were prolific speed writers. The “Doc Savage” series had 159 novels published in just 16 years. Most of those were written by Lester Dent.


My good friend Mike has been fascinated by Dent’s method for years. He has modernized it and adapted it to modern publishing. Kindle publishing.

With “Book-A-Day Kindle Short Reads” you get to learn how he uses the formula Lester Dent developed more than 50 years ago to write Kindle Short Reads in just 5 hours and 35 Minutes.


If you act fast he will even give you a special outline on the 4th of July with all the fireworks included. Grab “Book-A-Day Kindle Short Reads” today and don’t miss out.

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